Failures of Forgiveness

Failures of Forgiveness

What We Get Wrong and How To Do Better

Philosopher Myisha Cherry teaches us the right ways to deal with wrongdoing in our lives and the world.

Sages from Cicero to Oprah have told us that forgiveness requires us to let go of negative emotions and that it has a unique power to heal our wounds. In Failures of Forgiveness, Myisha Cherry argues that these beliefs couldn’t be more wrong―and that the ways we think about and use forgiveness, personally and as a society, can often do more harm than good. She presents a new and healthier understanding of forgiveness―one that will give us a better chance to recover from wrongdoing and move toward “radical repair.”

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Failures of Forgiveness
Written by: Myisha Cherry
Voice Actor: Tracey Conyer Lee
Published by: Recorded Books

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"A first rate work from a penetrating mind."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Myisha Cherry will make you stop and (re)examine what you think you know about forgiveness."

―Karla J. Strand, Ms. Magazine