The Magus Conspiracy

The Magus Conspiracy

Assassin's Creed

The war between Assassins and Templars wreaks havoc in the Victorian era, in this breakneck thriller which opens up a whole new chapter of the Assassin’s Creed universe.

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The Magus Conspiracy
Assassin's Creed
Written by: Kate Heartfield
Narrated by: Moira Quirk
Published by: Recorded Books

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About the Audiobook

"A rich, fun, and engrossing mix of franchise lore and Victorian-era history, Kate Heartfield brings her trademark brilliant and thrilling storytelling to Assassin’s Creed. The Magus Conspiracy sings with equal parts witty characters, series stealth, and historical intrigue. A must-read for every Assassin’s Creed fan."

– Mike Chen, New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Brotherhood

"Heartfield shows a strong understanding of the tones of the franchise, and it is clear she put a huge amount of effort into making this book a reality. It is comforting to know then that there are two further books coming in this series from her, which will evidently take the story further and later in the nineteenth century and theoretically up until the first World War."

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"Heartfield is an amazing author; her writing is enthralling, with even the smallest moments captivating. In particular, her descriptions of Pierrette’s acrobatics and the circus tricks were so vivid I could picture them as I read on. It fits perfectly into the genre of action-adventure video games in which the book is written for. My heart was pounding through every fight scene, in utter awe at every beautiful literary skyline."

The Nerdy Archer

"This book made me excited for the future of the franchise and introduced me to a fantastic writer, Kate Heartfield. The research that Kate put into this story is very thorough as I was able to find information on all of the historical figures and events that took place and read an accurate retelling that made this story stand out from previous releases."

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