The One Who Loves You The Most

The One Who Loves You The Most

Twelve-year-old Gabriela is trying to find their place in the world. In their body, which feels less and less right with each passing day. As an adoptee, in their all-white family. With their mom, whom they love fiercely and do anything they can to help with her depression. And at school, where they search for friends.

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The One Who Loves You The Most
Written by: Medina
Narrated by: Vico Ortiz
Published by: Recorded Books

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About the Audiobook

"This debut is a love letter to self-acceptance’s power and a solid introduction to the notion of queer identity."

Publishers Weekly

“With stellar adult characters, accessible prose, a diverse cast, and an uplifting narrative, the book tells a quick-moving story that can serve as a guide for adults to explore the LGBTQ+ lexicon with young people and help middle-grade readers discover, like Gabriela does, the power of understanding and identifying themselves. Gabriela and their friends offer queer kids a story with a happy ending. A sweet book that’s sure to spread love and hopefulness.”

Kirkus Reviews