The Prince & The Apocalypse

The Prince & The Apocalypse

An American teen stranded in London is forced to team up with the British crown prince if she wants to make it back home before the end of the world in this delightfully rompy high-stakes rom-com.

Wren Wheeler has flown five thousand miles across the ocean to discover she’s the worst kind of traveler: the kind who just wants to go home. Her senior-year trip to London was supposed to be life-changing, but by the last day, Wren’s perfectly planned itinerary is in tatters.

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The Prince & The Apocalypse
Written by: Kara McDowell
Voice Actor: Laura Knight Keating
Published by: Recorded Books

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About the Audiobook

“A treat for fans of rollicking, romantic road trip novels or rom-coms in which independent-minded young women fall for intelligent, good-looking princes.”


“Hard-hitting lines create tension between plenty of deadpan and situational humor…Enchanting entertainment.”

Shelf Awareness

“The duo’s magnetic chemistry and wry banter work levity into a would-be dire situation, culminating in a cavorting, globe-trotting jaunt.”

Publishers Weekly

“This book is just pure fun, romance and action swirled together in one wild, adrenaline-fueled package. Kara McDowell excels at crafting comedic moments, lovable characters, and life-or-death tension. A royally perfect romp!”

–Rachel Lynn Solomon, NYT bestselling author of See You Yesterday and Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

The Prince & The Apocalypse is a page-turning rom-com utterly unlike any other, full of heart, humor and huge surprises. This wonderfully whimsical, genre-mashing royal romance is the ride of a lifetime.”

–Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka, bestselling authors of The Roughest Draft

“Kara McDowell is―hands down―my favorite rom-com author of all time. The Prince & The Apocalypse is an absolutely perfect blend of romance, humor, and adventure―Wren and Theo are going to live rent-free in my heart forever!”

–Kass Morgan, bestselling author of The 100

"The Prince & The Apocalypse has to be the most inventive novel I've read in a long time! Twisty, romantic-as-heck, and heart-wrenching, I haven't stopped thinking about it since I read the final page."

–Sophie Gonzales, author of Never Ever Getting Back Together

“I am obsessed with everything Kara McDowell writes and her new book is no exception. This book was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. One part humor, one part angsty romance, one part vulnerable feels, and all parts bonkers. THIS IS THE ROYAL ROMANCE WE DIDN’T KNOW WE WANTED BUT ABSOLUTELY NEED.”

―Kristin Dwyer, author of Some Mistakes Were Made

“Cute, witty, and alarmingly funny in all the right places. Only McDowell could make the apocalypse seem swoon-worthy! A fantastic read.”

–Alex Light, author of The Upside of Falling

"If you're looking for a heart-racing good time, this is it―for more reasons than one. I adored Wren, who wants to spend her last week alive getting home to the people she loves most... and winds up finding love with the last person she expected. The Prince & the Apocalypse is a relatable, charming page-turner readers won't be able to put it down!"

―Diana Urban, author of These Deadly Games