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Simply put, authors make more money when they work with RBmedia. We make sure your audiobook is available everywhere―via Audible, Google, Apple, Walmart,, and every other major global outlet. And we use our power as the largest audiobook producer in the world to ensure your work is promoted and visible to the most users to drive sales for you.

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Authors do better when audio rights are valued separately

Leading authors in all genres are enjoying superior sales by working with a publisher dedicated to spoken audio. Print publishers often try to bundle the print and audiobook rights, which typically results in undervalued audio rights.

The data shows that authors do better when they let publishers compete for print and audio rights independently.

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As the original audiobook company, with a proven track record of the highest-quality productions and narrators, we know what it takes to make a great audiobook recording. And you’ll be in great company with the likes of Danielle Steel, Diana Gabaldon, Jeff Kinney, and many other bestselling authors who have chosen RBmedia.

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Join bestselling and award-winning authors such as Danielle Steel, Diana Gabaldon, Francine Rivers, William Kent Krueger, Jeff Kinney, Sarah J. Maas, and many others who have unlocked the true value of their audio rights by working with RBmedia.

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Thousands of industry honors, including the National Book Award, Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize, and Hugo Awards

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RBmedia exclusively published audiobooks for 65
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