Back to School Audiobooks

We’re saying goodbye to summer and welcoming in a new school year! We have audiobook recommendations to accompany you while you jump back into those routines! 

Those Who Saw the SunThose Who Saw the Sun

Written by Jaha Nailah Avery

Performed by Jaha Nailah Avery and Arnell Powell

Those Who Saw the Sun is a collection of oral histories told by Black people who grew up in the South during the time of Jim Crow.

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The Prince & The ApocalypseThe Prince & The Apocalypse

Written by Kara McDowell

Performed by Laura Knight Keating

An American teen stranded in London is forced to team up with the British crown prince if she wants to make it back home before the end of the world in this delightfully rompy high-stakes rom-com.

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A Guide to the DarkA Guide to the Dark

Written by Meriam Metoui

Performed by Vaneh Assadourian, Ariana Delawari, and Ramiz Monsef

The Haunting of Hill House meets Nina LaCour in this paranormal mystery YA about the ghosts we carry with us.

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The Shadow SisterThe Shadow Sister

Written by Lily Meade

Performed by Tamika Katon-Donegal

Sometimes people are lost from you, no matter how much you wish they weren’t and before you can even begin to know how big of a hole they’ll leave behind.

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Tilly in Technicolor

Written by Mazey Eddings

Performed by Justis Bolding and Chris Nelson

Tilly in Technicolor is Mazey Eddings’s sparkling YA debut about two neurodivergent teens who form a connection over the course of a summer.

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Salsa Magic

Written by Letisha Marrero

Performed by Almarie Guerra

Thirteen-year-old Maya Beatriz Montenegro Calderon has vivid recurring dreams where she hears the ocean calling her. Mami’s side of the family is known as “Los Locos,” so maybe she actually is going crazy. But no time for that; the family business is where it’s at. Whenever Maya, her sister Salma, and her three cousins, Ini, Mini, and Mo, aren’t at school, you can usually find three generations of Calderones at CaféTaza, serving up sandwiches de pernil, mofongo, and the best cafés con leche in all of Brooklyn.

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