Caryn Franklin, MBE, and Prof. Keon West tackle identity bias in audio original published by W.F. Howes

Tackling the complex subject of bias head on, Skewed investigates the hidden messages we absorb from birth and explores how our inner worlds are shaped by false information, media trends, and our brains’ preferences for patterns and stereotypes.
Featuring guest interviews with a range of visionaries representing diverse identities and areas of expertise—from Forensic Psychology professor Dr. Dominic Willmott to drag artist Cheddar Gorgeous—the audiobook informs how bias impacts our everyday lives, while challenging us to rethink our perspectives on everything from fashion imagery and children’s books to advertising and pornography.

Co-authored and narrated by Franklin, a renowned commentator, broadcaster, and activist, and West, a Professor in social psychology at Goldsmiths University of London, the audiobook is delivered in WFH Original’s trademark style blending traditional audiobook, podcast, and radio documentary influences.

Franklin said: “We are naturally inclined to bias. In fact, the brain thinks it is helping us to make shortcuts to judgment. We also seek familiarity and often surround ourselves with people, things, ideas, and opinions in which we can see ourselves, and our own world views, reflected. Keon and I wanted to challenge human propensity to absorb bias and the stereotypes our omnipresent and evermore powerful media presents. I’m challenging my industry, for instance—full of imagery that shapes how women, in particular, see themselves—to think more deeply. In creating a compelling and confrontational audio original with a truly diverse line-up of special guests, I hope to get listeners thinking about how bias could have affected their own perceptions of themselves and others. Just as importantly, I’d like us all to explore how we might seek to broaden our knowledge and step outside these comfort zones or barriers.”

West added: “Bias, whether in conscious or unconscious form, is a term we frequently hear bandied about—yet many of us have a somewhat narrow understanding about what it actually means. It is a topic that has always fascinated me. Much of my research investigates how bias manifests itself and why it affects so many aspects of our daily lives. I’m excited to be teaming up with my stylish friend Caryn to take a deep dive into this complex, multi-faceted world and can’t wait to see how the audiobook is received.”
Dominic White, Publishing Director at W.F. Howes—who secured the audio exclusive worldwide rights directly from the authors—commented: “In a deeply polarised world, where neutrality is a rarity and we are constantly expected to take a viewpoint, the specter of bias is something that has only recently broken into the public consciousness. Skewed puts bias under the microscope like never before, challenging listeners and getting them to ask big questions about how bias affects their own lives. With a plethora of experts joining Caryn and Keon, who will also address their own biases through personal insights, this audio original promises to be a big hit, particularly among those looking to expand their minds.”

Skewed is due to be published on 15 September 2022 and is now available to pre-order via Audible