Interview with LIGHTLARK author Alex Aster

#BookTok phenomenon and award-winning author, Alex Aster welcomes fans to Lightlark, an island that appears every 100 years to host the Centennial, a deadly game that only the rulers of six realms are invited to play.

The Centennial offers the six rulers one final chance to break the curses that have plagued their realms for centuries. In a bid to break their curses, the six competitors battle it out, knowing that one of them must die so that the others may live. In the midst of it all is, Isla Crown, the young ruler of Wildling — who must pick her way through a deadly web of intrigue if she wants to make it out of the game alive — but soon finds her victory campaign waylaid by a romantic entanglement.

Learn more about the audiobook narrated by Suzy Jackson.

Alex Aster is also a digital creator with over 100 million views on her videos online. Striking gold with several viral videos on TikTok, the teaser for the new Young Adult release garnered over a million views, gaining Lightlark a large excited audience before publication.

We recently sat down with Alex to talk about all things Lightlark, #BookTok, and her daily life as an author. Watch the full interview


What is your favorite moment in Lightlark?


Is there a character you are most excited for readers to meet in Lightlark?


What have you found makes #BookTok unique from other online book communities?


What are your favorite and/or least favorite tropes?


Top 3 songs that would be on the Lightlark playlist?


Out of context Lightlark quote that you feel defines its vibes?


What would you say to your 12-year-old self?


Describe a day in your life as an author.