V.E. Schwab signs seven-audiobook deal with Éditions Thélème

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Éditions Thélème, RBmedia’s French-language publishing brand, has acquired the French audio rights to seven titles from New York Times bestselling American author V.E. Schwab, including international bestsellers The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Gallant, the Shades of Magic trilogy, and the newest release, The Fragile Threads of Power. V.E. Schwab was represented by Heather Shapiro at Baror International on behalf of Holly Root at Root Literary. 

One of the most popular authors in France and recently branded by Le Point magazine as “La nouvelle idole des jeunes,” the deal will enable V.E. Schwab to build on her success by offering her French-speaking fanbase a new way to enjoy her books—via listening to them on audio.

The first V.E. Schwab audiobook to be published by Éditions Thélème in the French market will be La Vie Invisible d’Addie LaRue (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue), which releases on 26th October.  Both The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Shades of Magic are being adapted into feature films. 

Commenting on the agreement, V.E. Schwab said: “As a big audiobook fan—and someone who appreciates the format not only for its accessibility, but also the ways in which audio can enhance a story—it’s really important to me that French speakers can listen to my work. I have a special affinity with France and its culture, so this deal with Éditions Thélème is incredibly significant to me on a personal level, and I’m really excited to hear my books in French.”

Noa Rosen, acquisitions editor at Éditions Thélème, added: “It’s a great honor to bring V.E. Schwab’s works to French audiences. Her special connection to France is clear from her books. Finally, Addie will be able to speak to her readers in her native language.”



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